Despite my insistence that it's a bit on the cheesy side, there have been several requests for on-line photos of the aftermath. Many thanks to all for everything - please send on any more that should be put on here, especially the particularly rare ones such as Simon keeping his eyes open, or Collin when he's not chatting up a girl.

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  1. Bells and Morgans
  2. Haverford Gang
  3. Enrike, Ilona, Steve
  4. Ushers
  5. Nick Jones and Tyler
  6. Nick Jones and his babe Paula
  7. Ilona, Steve, Paula, and Ruth too
  8. The Cake, Tyler and Helen
  9. Ed and Debs
  10. Ruth, Helen, Ilona, Paula and Heather "singing"
  11. Steve, having just taken a whiz
  12. Exiting the church
  13. Tyler and Helen exiting the church
  14. Mom Bell hugging Eddie Morgans
  15. Mom Bell hugging Helen, losing hat in the process
  16. Eddie, Marleen and Mom Clancy
  17. Eddie and Jidda
  18. Helen's signing register
  19. Helen, Tyler, Carys and Collin